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Caudill Challenge

2021 Caudill Challenge

Illinois students read off the list of 20 nominated Rebecca Caudill Young Reader’s Award books every year. If you are looking to try something different, give the Caudill Challenge a try! 

How does it work?

     Step #1: Join the Google Classroom course with this access code: t2l55ri


   Step #2: Read books from the list! CLICK HERE for the nominated titles.

*Watch book trailers, author introductions, and 1st chapter read alouds HERE!*

Check out what titles are available on Sora & Axis 360.


  Step #3: Take the quiz on Google Classroom for each book you read.

If you read 3 books & passed 3 quizzes

Cool! Now you’re eligible to vote in February, and receive a bookmark clip of your choice.

If you read 5 books & passed 5 quizzes

Great job! Hope you are enjoyed your bookmark clip. Now your name will go in a raffle for a chance to win an autographed copy of the book Resistance OR The Parker Inheritance and 'Reading is my favorite sport' baseball hate OR tote bag.

If you read 10 books & passed 10 quizzes

Wow, you’re halfway there! Come to the library to get a READ phone stand with earbuds.

If you read 15 books & passed 15 quizzes

Amazing job! Now you’ll receive a gift card to JJ Twigs to order your very own individual pizza!

If you read ALL 20 books & quizzes on the list

What?! You’re a rockstar! You will receive a certificate signed by WMS administration & Ms. Richmond AND a $15 gift card to Barnes and Noble!

The more books you read, the more prizes you will win!

If you do not pass a quiz, please email Ms. Richmond and quizzes can be reset.

The virtual scoreboard available in the Caudill Challenge Google Classroom will be updated throughout the school year until the challenge ends on February 5th. If you are eligible for a prize, you will be contacted. We will come up with a way for you to receive your prize if we are still in remote learning.

Contact Ms. Richmond with any questions!