Lunch Information

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Hot Lunch Tickets

Hot lunches, as well as a salad bar and sandwich and chip bar, are available at a reasonable cost. Lunches are payable daily, or lunch tickets may be purchased in advance at the following prices:

Lunch tickets:
1 day - $3.00
5 days - $15.00
10 days - $30.00
20 days - $60.00

Milk tickets:
1 day - $0.55

All lunch ticket money must be put in an envelope and turned in to the student's homeroom teacher. Please mark the student's full name and grade on the envelope.

All students eat in the cafeteria. Each quarter students are given an opportunity to choose a table at which to sit for that quarter.


Breakfast is now available for purchase at the following prices:

1 day - $1.60
5 days - $8.00
10 days - $16.00
20 days - $32.00

Free/Reduced Lunches

Students whose families are considered low income under federal standards qualify for free or reduced-price meals. Applications are available in the school office.

Special Lunches

Parents are asked not to bring special lunches or soda pop to students at school because it creates a disruptive influence in the cafeteria and it may make some students feel poorly about their packed lunch or school lunch.

End of the Year Lunch Information

We would like to remind you that no refunds will be given on milk or lunch tickets at the end of the year. It is important for you to be aware of your child's ticket balance and not to purchase more lunches than your child will use by the end of the year. We respectfully request that outstanding balances be resolved as quickly as possible throughout the year and this is especially true at the end of the year. Also, no lunch or milk loans will be issued in the final few weeks of school.