Art Club: Students who participate in Art Club will learn to work with many different types of art mediums.

Book/Anime Club: The Book Club is open to anyone interested in reading and discussing classical and contemporary literature. Students read selected novels in small groups and share with the large group. Moderator - Ms. Davis

Club Comunidad: Students organize and participate in social events and service projects in the school and community.  Los estudiantes organizan y participan en eventos sociales y proyectos de servicio en la escuela y la comunidad.  Moderator - Mr. Buckley

National Junior Honor Society: Open to all students that meet NJHS standards of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character, and Citizenship. Students volunteer in the school and community.  Moderator - Ms. Medic

Newspaper Club - Read the current issue of our totally student created Pride Plant by clicking below.  Moderator - Ms. Davis

Issue 1- November 2017

Issue 2- December 2017

Issue 3- January/February 2018

Issue 4- March 2018

Issue 5- April 2018

Issue 6- May 2018

Scholastic Bowl: This traveling team competes in matches of knowledge in all subject areas.  Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth graders with strong academic backgrounds and a love of trivia are encouraged to join. Competitors answer trivia questions in a race against other schools.  Click HERE for more information. Coaches - Ms. Deemer

Spring Play: Actors: Auditions for acting and performing for a play or musical start in December. Performance is scheduled in early April. All students are invited to participate. Moderator- Ms. Anderson & Mrs. Gregory Tech Crew: Students will design and make backdrops for the play or musical and also work with lights and sound. Moderator- Mrs. Zalazinski

Strategist Club:  The Strategists' Club includes playing games that involve strategy, such as card games, board games, strategy war games, and role-playing games.  Moderator - Mr. Iuorio and Mrs. Guthrie

Student Council: Students interested in this organization sponsor school dances, picnics, ski trips, trips to baseball games, and other all-school activities. Interested students are elected by their fellow classmates and serve one-year terms.  Click HERE for meeting dates and events. Moderators - Mrs. Hjorth

Yearbook: Students on the yearbook staff participate in the design and layout of the annual school yearbook.  Moderator - Ms. Anderson

Please refer to the Wauconda Middle School Student Handbook for information on fees, physical examinations, and eligibility requirements for participation in extracurricular activities